Narendra Jakhia (Kaka)

The greatest wealth one could possess is family.


Kaka is a second generation entrepreneur and in 1969 set his first customer base for jewellery manufactured by his father and brother.

His strong people skills are credited through customer retention which goes beyond retail. He still continues to maintain a connect with his clients through his presence at our flagship store.

Kaka plays a pivotal role at OM through his vast experience in the family business.

Mukesh Jakhia
Managing Director

A son follows his father's example. Not his advice.


Mukeshbhai started his career in the jewellery industry at a very tender age. By profession he was a jewellery karigar and plays a vital role in production, wholesale and sourcing OMs gold jewellery.

He was instrumental in introducing the highest grade of quality in gold (916 Hallmark), which was one of the first in jewellery retail.

Through insights and adaptiveness he brought together a robust system at OM for daily operations This sets the tone for OMs seamless expansion.

Mukesh Jakhia
Managing Director
Bhavin Jakhia

Protecting one's family and legacy is a man's greatest achievement.


Bhavin joined the family business in 2001, and for the past three years, has taken over the reigns of the family business.

His deep insight of the industry has helped him in establishing a formidable diamond & solitaire jewellery division and collaborations with the likes of Forevermark.

Bhavin looks after logistics, financial operations & strategy. He bridges the gap between OM's traditions and new age practices through technology, to create a constantly evolving enterprise.

Bhavesh Jakhia
Chief Marketing Officer

We work for the future by reflecting on our elders past.


Bhavesh completed his formal education in Singapore before joining the family business in 2011. He dabbled in multiple departments, from Accounts to Human Resources, before finding his footing in Marketing, Brand Communications and Customer Experience.

He has successfully set up an internal marketing team to drive 360 degree campaigns from the get- go.

He continues to grow at OM by understanding the operational aspect of the business, through gold purchasing and Processes (SOP's) from his father and uncle.

Bhavesh Jakhia
Chief Marketing Officer
Bhavana Jakhia
Head - Digital Ventures

Behind every successful woman, is a family backing her.


Bhavana hails from a family of wholesale jewelers based out of UK. Through these experiences she realizes that a customer is not bound by country or borders in today's age.

She plays an active role in OM's proposed E-Commerce project. She aims to set a robust online portal through her network of advisors, engineers and consultants from UK and India.

Bhavana's understanding of jewellery trends helps in setting a procedure for store display of diamond and solitaire jewellery.