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Bhavin Jakhia: Pioneering Elegance and Innovation in the World of Jewellery

Bhavin Jakhia

Bhavin Jakhia

Bhavin Jakhia is the esteemed CEO of Om Jewellery, Mumbai. A Mumbai University graduate, Bhavinji stands as a much admired figure in the jewellery industry, continuing the legacy of Om Jewellers, a brand steeped in history since 1939. Taking charge in 2003, his extensive 20+ years of industry expertise has propelled him to impactful leadership within the company and in jewellery circles outside. Bhavinji expertly blends traditional craftsmanship with innovative designs, personally refining gold creations, and steering Om Jewellers to unprecedented heights.

Bhavin Jakhia’s journey into the realm of jewellery commenced as in many traditional jewellery businesses as an understudy to his father and uncle. This enabled a deep dive into the craft, applying academic knowledge with hands-on experience within the family business. His pivotal role has transformed Om Jewellers into a global brand partnering De Beers and their Forevermark brand of diamonds.

Family Legacy

The tale of Om Jewellers originated in the heart of Gujarat in 1939 when Damji Jakhia initiated a small jewellery workshop. The evolution continued with the establishment of a jewellery manufacturing enterprise in 1969 by M.D. Mr. Mukesh Jakhia and E.D. Mr. Narendra Jakhia. Om Jewellers introduced 916 hallmark jewellery in India, setting new standards of business ethics. Expanding into the digital space marked a transformative phase, propelling Om into a brand for the 21st century. The journey continued with global expansion, marking the first retail store in 1999 in Borivali, Mumbai. The flagship store underwent a significant makeover in 2004, sporting its first logo and the tagline, “Temple of Purity.”

The brand witnessed a significant transformation in 2010 with a revamped identity in response to changing times. Subsequently, in 2011, Om Jewellers launched a new store in Mulund West, Mumbai. A monumental moment occurred on October 15, 2021, with the inception of the Forevermark Brand Store in Bandra West, Mumbai. Since then, Om has blossomed into a family jeweller, expanding with three more stores under the Om brand, showcasing an exquisite range of gold and diamond jewellery.

The Mastermind Behind the Designs

Bhavinji’s journey into jewellery design stems from a profound love for the art of adornment. His creative odyssey weaves a delicate balance of tradition and innovation. Each piece adorning his store reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence. With an innate eye for detail and a profound understanding of jewellery’s significance in people’s lives, Bhavinji infuses his creations with a unique blend of aesthetic allure and emotional resonance. From timeless classics evoking nostalgia to avant-garde designs challenging conventions, His portfolio mirrors the diverse tastes of his discerning clientele.

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Expertise in Jewellery Design

Bhavinji’s expertise transcends envisioning breathtaking designs; it extends to bringing them to life with meticulous precision. His creations embody a harmonious marriage of high-quality materials and masterful craftsmanship, elevating jewellery from mere adornment to an expression of individuality.

Whether crafting a bespoke engagement ring symbolising eternal love or preserving an heirloom passed through generations, Bhavin’s designs encapsulate the essence of moments, enduring as timeless treasures. His unwavering commitment to quality ensures that each piece leaving his store isn’t just jewellery but a cherished work of art.

A Visionary in Jewellery Store Management

Beyond his creative pursuits, Bhavin stands as a visionary in jewellery store management. Recognizing the evolving industry landscape, He adeptly balances tradition and innovation. Under his guidance, the store has become a symbol of sophistication and customer-centricity. His management ethos revolves around the belief that a jewellery store isn’t merely a retail space; it’s a sanctuary where dreams find fruition. His emphasis on customer experience, ethical practices, and a curated selection has transformed his store into a destination where clients discover exceptional pieces and embark on an immersive luxury journey.

Highlighted by the Times of India Journal, Bhavin Jakhia of Om Jewellers navigates through market fluctuations with insightful strategies. He acknowledges, “High-value items may not do well, but low-cost ornaments might.”

Embark on Bhavin’s Journey

As you explore our Om Jewellers stores in Borivali, Mulund & Bandra, you’re invited to join Bhavin Jakhia on a voyage through the artistry of jewellery design and the intricacies of store management. Discover a world where each piece narrates a story, and every visit promises an experience tailored to your desires.