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Om Jewellers has multiple stores in Mumbai with the headquarters located at Gulmohar Rd, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092

Om Jewellers has been in business since 1939. After 8 decades, three stores & five generations, we firmly stand together as a family.

Founded in 1939, Om Jewellers is more than jewelry. It embodies family values, based on trust & understanding. Our lineage is committed to learning and progressing. We thank our customers, our staff present and

Om Jewellers is known for its craftsmanship, variety of designs, and customer service. Our lineage is committed to learning and progressing. We thank our customers, fellow jewellers and hope to grow, while staying

Om Jewellers is deeply committed to social responsibility. We actively support various organizations in our Mumbai community, fostering positive change and making a meaningful impact. CEO Bhavin Jakhia drives our

Om Jewellers has garnered recognition from influencers and adorned many celebrities with our exquisite jewelry. Our creations have graced renowned personalities, reflecting their trust in our brand. Discover the allure that captivates both influencers and celebrities alike at Om

At Om Jewellers, we offer an extensive range of jewelry categories to suit every preference. Explore our collection of gold, silver, platinum, diamond, and gemstone jewelry. From necklaces, bangles, and rings to solitaires,

Om Jewellers is known for its quality craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials, ensuring authenticity.

We do not operate any international stores as of now.