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At Om Jewellers, our diverse collection offers a plethora of popular designs that cater to varied preferences. From traditional to contemporary, our stores in Mumbai showcase an array of jewelry styles that are best

Yes, At Om Jewellers, we take pride in offering an extensive collection of bridal jewellery sets. Experience the exquisite range firsthand by visiting our store in Mumbai. Immerse yourself in a wonderful shopping

At Om Jewellers, we take pride in our commitment to bringing you the latest designs. We release new creations on a weekly basis, ensuring a constant stream of fresh and captivating jewelry. Visit our Mumbai stores

Yes, all of Om Jewellers’ products are made right here in India.

With 2 grams of gold, you can explore a range of options at Om Jewellers, Mumbai. Discover elegant rings, pendants, earrings, or delicate charms crafted with finesse and artistry. Our collection offers diverse choices to

Yes, at Om Jewellers, we proudly offer a wide selection of gold coins and bars. As a trusted jewelry establishment in Mumbai, our collection includes a range of options to cater to diverse preferences. Discover our exquisite gold coins and bars, meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of

Yes, Om Jewellers offers platinum jewellery.

Yes, Om Jewellers offers jewellery for men.

Yes, Om Jewellers offers jewellery for kids.

At Om Jewellers, we offer an exquisite collection of silver rings for men. Explore our range of stylish designs and find the perfect silver ring to complement your style. Contact our Mumbai store or visit us for a

At Om Jewellers, we understand the significance of South Indian-style jewelry, including Mookuthi for ladies. Our stores offer a diverse range of collections, but availability may vary. Contact our Mumbai stores to inquire

The availability of specific gold weights depends on the store’s inventory. Contact any of our three stores for details.

At Om Jewellers, our focus is on crafting exquisite gold and diamond jewelry. Currently, we do not offer silver jewelry in our collection. Explore our stunning range of gold and diamond creations at our Mumbai stores,

Yes, we offer jewellery with engraving options.

Yes, Om Jewellers offers antique jewellery.

Yes, we offer jewellery for newborns.

Gold prices change regularly. GST on gold jewellery in India is levied at 3% on the value of the jewellery. Check our website for the most up-to-date information.

Gold prices fluctuate daily. Contact Om Jewellers for the current price of half tola fine gold.

At Om Jewellers, creating your dream engagement ring is a personalized experience. Explore our extensive collection of designs in-store, and our expert team will customize the chosen design to your exact requirements.

At Om Jewellers, we offer a diverse range of lightweight jewelry that is perfect for various occasions. While we may not specifically have 1 gram gold polish jewelry, our collection caters to your preferences. Visit our

Yes, we provide custom design services.

Yes, we offer jewellery with personalized messages.

Yes, at Om Jewellers, we offer 999.9 purity gold coins. Our stores in Mumbai warmly welcome you to explore our collection.

The price of gold jewelry per gram at Om Jewellers is subject to fluctuation based on prevailing gold prices. To obtain the current price, we recommend contacting us directly. Our team will provide you with the up-

At Om Jewellers, our pricing ranges are influenced by various factors such as the type of jewelry, gold prices, quality, materials, karat, design, and making charges. With affordability in mind, our prices span from

Om Jewellers uses gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and various gemstones in our designs.

At present, we prioritize the in-store experience at Om Jewellers as we understand the value of the tactile interaction with our products. We encourage customers in Mumbai to visit our stores for their purchases. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Yes, Om Jewellers offers custom-made jewellery services.

At Om Jewellers, we prioritize the quality of our products through meticulous processes. Our detailed Standard Operating Procedures and checklists are in place for each product, ensuring rigorous quality