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From Heirlooms to Haute Couture: The Evolution of Jewellery Styles

Have you ever wondered why Akshaya Tritiya is considered one of the most auspicious times to invest in gold? At OM Jewellers, a pioneering jewellery shop in Borivali, we delve deep into this tradition, bringing you insights and stories from the heart of this cultural celebration.

Unveiling the Endless Prosperity of Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej, is a revered day in Hindu and Jain cultures, symbolising prosperity and success. The term ‘Akshaya’ in Sanskrit means ‘never diminishing,’ it is believed that any investment made on this day, especially in gold, promises perpetual wealth. This tradition is deeply rooted in historical and mythological stories illustrating the day’s sanctity. It is also the day when the Akshaya Patra, the inexhaustible vessel given to the Pandavas during their exile, was bestowed, symbolising an endless abundance.

Reliving the Golden Legends

According to ancient scriptures, Akshaya Tritiya is the day when the Ganges, the sacred river of India, descended to the earth from the heavens. It is also the day when Lord Krishna presented his friend Sudama with opulence that lasted forever, after receiving a humble offering of rice. These legends highlight the day’s association with everlasting wealth and prosperity, making it a particularly auspicious day for acquiring gold, which has always been a symbol of wealth and status.

Invoking the Aura of Goddess Mahalakshmi

In ancient times, gold was not only a medium of trade but also a significant religious element, often associated with Goddess Mahalakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya invites the blessings of Mahalakshmi into one’s home, ensuring a year filled with fortune and success. This connection makes the festival a key event for everyone from young couples and wedding planners to those seeking custom gold and diamond jewellery.

Traditions and Wisdom:

While investing in gold is highly recommended, there are certain practices traditionally followed on this auspicious occasion. Starting new ventures, long-term investments, and buying valuable assets like gold and property are encouraged. However, one should avoid giving or taking loans on this day as it is believed that such transactions can lead to financial setbacks.

Discover Timeless Elegance at OM Jewellers

At OM Jewellers, we understand the cultural and emotional significance of buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya. Our wide range of gold and diamond jewellery caters to all tastes, from traditional designs favoured by older generations to modern styles preferred by younger customers. Whether planning a wedding or looking to add to your investment portfolio, our expert craftsmen in Borivali Jewellers are here to guide you in making the best choice that promises both aesthetic satisfaction and investment benefits.

Celebrate Prosperity with Tradition

As we prepare to celebrate Akshaya Tritiya, we invite you to visit OM Jewellers, your trusted Borivali jewellery shop. Experience the blend of tradition and craftsmanship that marks every piece of jewellery we offer. This Akshaya Tritiya, make an investment opportunity that not only enhances your wealth but also connects you with a rich cultural heritage.

Remember, investing in gold on Akshaya Tritiya isn’t just a financial decision; it’s a step towards a prosperous future. Join us at OM Jewellers where your investment is not just in precious metals, but in traditions that adorn and enrich lives. Let’s celebrate prosperity together this Akshaya Tritiya. Visit our jewellery shops in Borivali or contact our Borivali jewellers at (226) 158-7000.


Bhavin Jakhia

Bhavin Jakhia, a highly-regarded expert in the jewellery field, directs Om Jewellers—a legacy brand rooted in craftsmanship since 1939. A Mumbai University graduate, Bhavinji taking the helm in 2003, his 20+ years in the industry drive impactful leadership. Bhavinji seamlessly merges traditional expertise with a passion for innovative designs. Personally refining gold designs, Bhavinji elevates Om Jewellers to new heights, embodying timeless elegance. Inspired by his wife Bhavana Jakhia, he encourages collaborative creativity, resulting in a curated collection synonymous with style and sophistication. Bhavinji’s hands-on approach and visionary leadership make Om Jewellers an emblem of excellence in jewellery.