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Discover the Exclusive Om Sambandh Loyalty Programme

A Legacy of Elegance and Rewards

Welcome to Om Sambandh, OM Jewellers’ loyalty program created especially for our valued customers. Since its launch in 2022, Om Sambandh has been how we celebrate and reward your passion for beautiful jewellery. This Loyalty Programme is not just a rewards system; it’s a recognition of the bond we share with those who find beauty and elegance in our collections.

Why Join Om Sambandh?

  • Instant Welcome Bonus: Get started with a Rs. 1000 bonus, our way of saying thank you for joining us.
  • Earn with Every Purchase: Every piece of jewellery you buy adds points to your account. It’s simple: the more you shop, the more you earn. These points are just like money and can be used for future purchases.
  • Rewards on Every Piece: Whether you choose gold, diamonds, platinum, or traditional jadau and kundan designs, you’ll earn points. This means your beautiful choices bring you closer to great rewards.
  • Special Tiers for More Benefits: Our membership levels – Prime, Classic, and Elite – offer you more rewards the higher you go. Expect more points, exclusive deals, and special offers that make shopping with us even better.

Privileges at Your Fingertips - Seamless Enrolment and Redemption

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Sign Up & Save

Join the Om Sambandh Loyalty Programme and instantly receive a Rs. 1000 discount code for your first purchase.


Shop & Earn

Use your discount at any Om Jewellers store and start earning points on every purchase as a loyalty member.


Redeem & Save

Earn points on each purchase and use them to save money on future visits, ensuring ongoing discounts and savings.

Be a part of Our Story

Every glittering piece at Om Jewellers is a testament to the journeys we’ve embarked on with our cherished customers. You are the heart of our legacy, the sparkle in our story. Your unwavering trust and loyalty have been the jewels in our crown, inspiring us to reach new heights in craftsmanship and service. Recognising this invaluable relationship, we introduce the Om Sambandh Loyalty Programme, a tribute to the bond we share.

Our story, rich with tradition and trust, now takes a new turn, where your every purchase becomes a part of a rewarding experience. With Om Sambandh, we offer more than just exquisite jewellery; we offer an opportunity to be part of an exclusive circle of connoisseurs. It’s not just about transactions; it’s about celebrating our connection, one sparkling moment at a time.”

FAQ for the Om Sambandh Loyalty Programme

Is the Rs. 1000 discount available for any purchase?

Yes, the Rs. 1000 discount is applicable on your first purchase after joining the loyalty programme.

How do I join the Om Sambandh Loyalty Programme?

Simply fill out the sign-up form to join and receive your Rs. 1000 discount code for your first purchase.

Is there a validity period for the loyalty points?
Please refer to our terms and conditions for details on point validity and redemption.
How do I earn points?
Earn points with every purchase at Om Jewellers stores. Shop more, accumulate more points.
How many levels in the programme?

To start with there are 3 levels of Om Sambandh Loyalty Program Prime Level, Classic Level and Elite Level.

When do the points get updated for redemption?

Points update within 2 days of invoice date. Redeem accumulated points from the 3rd day at any store.

Download the Brochure

For more detailed information about the Om Sambandh Loyalty Programme, download the brochure.

Visit Our Exquisite Showrooms

Step into any of our three Om Jewellers stores in Borivali, Mulund, and Bandra, or visit our website to enroll. Let your journey of elegance and exclusive rewards commence with Om Sambandh.