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A captivating image showcasing the evolution of jewellery craftsmanship, featuring a blend of traditional and trendy pieces from Borivali Jewellers' collections.
Traditional Jewellery

From Traditional to Trendy: The Wide Range of Borivali Jewellers’ Jewellery Collections

In the heart of Mumbai’s Borivali, Om Jewellers stands as a testament to the evolving world of Indian jewellery, where the echoes of tradition and the whispers of contemporary design converge. Over eight decades, through three stores, and across five generations, this family-owned jewel in the crown of Indian craftsmanship has meticulously curated a collection that spans the spectrum from timeless classics to the forefront of fashion, standing tall as the finest jewellery shop in the Borivali area.

A Legacy of Timeless Elegance

At Om Jewellers, the journey through our collections begins with the treasures of traditional Indian jewellery. Here, the age-old techniques of Kundan, Polki, and Jadau reign supreme, each piece a homage to India’s rich cultural heritage. The traditional collections here are a nod to our past, a celebration of the artistry that has defined Indian jewellery for centuries. These pieces are not just ornaments but carriers of history, each stone and metalwork telling a story of timeless elegance.

The Modern Twist

Parallel to our commitment to tradition, we have boldly stepped into the arena of modern design, embracing the changing tastes of our diverse clientele. Our contemporary collections feature sleek, minimalist designs, and innovative use of metals and gemstones, appealing to modern Indian women and men who value both style and subtlety. As one of our lead designers rightly says, “We understand the pulse of our contemporary customers, crafting pieces that are not only trendy but also versatile,”. We as a brand have adapted to modern aesthetics.

Bridging the Gap

What sets Om Jewellers apart from other jewellery shops in Borivali is our unique ability to bridge the gap between the classical and the contemporary. Our signature collections are a beautiful amalgamation of traditional motifs and modern design principles, offering pieces that are unique, wearable, and distinctly Indian. It’s about creating jewellery that can be worn with pride across generations. This approach has enabled us to cater to a wide audience, from those who seek the opulence of traditional Indian weddings to the millennials looking for everyday elegance.

A Canvas of Diversity

Om Jewellers’ range is as vast as the subcontinent itself, featuring everything from heavy bridal sets that sparkle with the promise of a lifetime to understated pieces perfect for corporate wear or a casual day out. Our expertise in custom designs further ensures that every customer’s vision can be brought to life, with a personal touch that adds to the exclusivity of the piece.

The Unwavering Promise of Quality

Amidst the diversity of designs and styles, one constant remains – the uncompromising commitment to quality. Each piece that comes from our Borivali jewellery shop, is a result of meticulous craftsmanship, superior materials, and a legacy of excellence that has been upheld across generations. This dedication to quality is what ensures that every piece, be it a timeless classic or a trendy design, stands the test of time, much like the legacy of Om Jewellers itself.

Our Om Jewellers, through its vast and varied collections, offers a unique blend of tradition and trend, catering to the discerning tastes of its clientele. From the grandeur of traditional Indian weddings to the simplicity of modern aesthetics, our jewellery transcends the boundaries of time and style, making Om Jewellers a cherished name in the Mumbai jewellery scene. As we continue to weave the legacy of the past with the innovations of the present, our Om Jewellers in Borivali remain a beacon of craftsmanship and creativity in the vibrant world of Indian jewellery.

Step into our jewellery shop in Borivali and immerse yourself in a world where each piece of jewellery, be it modern or traditional, narrates its own unique story, eagerly awaiting to intertwine with yours.

Bhavesh Jakhia

Bhavesh Jakhia, is a Director at Om Jewellers whose directorial journey commenced in 2015 upon earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics, Material & Supply Chain Management from PSB Academy. With over 8 years of dedicated expertise in the jewellery industry, Bhaveshji brings a distinctive edge to the field. Beyond traditional management, he possesses a profound understanding and admiration for the intricate artistry inherent in jewellery craftsmanship. Bhaveshji’s expertise in overseeing store operations and shaping innovative marketing strategies has resulted in a transformative journey for Om Jewellers. Each gold and diamond piece now breathes life, reflecting his commitment to infusing vitality and expertise into every creation.